GhostLight Summer Internships


  • For your accompaniment use a real piano that is in-tune with a good pianist.
  • Be sure your video camera is in focus and we can see you clearly.  Back lighting is detrimental.
  • In your video, please introduce yourself and your selections.
  • At the GhostLight Theatre, we will not always use body mics.  With minimal sonic aid and a full orchestra between the stage and the audience, we’d like to see how well you project, articulate, and can be overall understood.  Please show that in your audition.   Speaking privately to the camera is not encouraged.
  • Submit your application by the deadline..
1. Audition Video(s) containing:
        2 music theater selections of different styles:
                1 up-tempo
                1 ballad
        1 monologue
2. Performance résumé with recent headshot